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Welcome to Artsia Luna, glad you could make it.

Piano practice from a few hours ago. Working version of a tune (temporary name "47").. This is one of the ones I'm enjoying each practice session. The recording is OK but the performance flawed like all freebies - to be recorded better in future.

Piano practice from a few months ago. Working version of a tune called The Cage. Like others older and more recent, it's still being worked on and should be recorded better in future.

Piano practice session working on a tune called Mask. This is still being worked on, but I like this version's simplicity.

From around 1993 - guitar based jam on an 8 track recorder named 'Gort' - Heat. From the archives. Hope there's something to enjoy here if you're into crazy electric guitar.

Introducing Grant Heaton.
A selection of beautiful poems by Grant Heaton.
New - Welcome Grant, I know these will be much loved by readers - I sincerely thank you for contributing.

An Ode to May Movements 1 and 2 - Piano, 6.26 mins long.
An Ode to May is my attempt to encapsulate several things. Firstly, it began as an ode to springtime, the month of May in particular as experienced in England as described by a friend and also another friend's news of the beginning of a relationship. As it was being written, a tragedy interrupted and a first movement was added.
New - This is about triumph over tragedy and the sweetness of life moving from a wintery happenstance towards new triumphs in life - bittersweet and with romantic forms - aslo inspired to an extent by Barcarolas.

Above link: Mp3 file, 6:26min, 5.9Mb

Moonlit - Piano, 3.18 mins long.
A sombre piece inspired in part by the great Nocturnes and also loosely by Barcarolas (or Barcarolle). Apologies - I have taken this piece offline - it may be being featured on an upcoming CD. Update shortly.
- It is one of the least complex items yet aproaches a new threshold for me.

Above link: Mp3 file, 3:18min, 3.0Mb

Growth - piano practice session, 7.52 mins long.
Piano piece expressing emotions surrounding the tensions and new boundaries associated with growing as a human being in a world full of risks, dangers and beauty.
A mono recording this time.

Above link: Mp3 file, 7:52min, 7.2Mb

Final Kiss, 2.47 mins long, romanticism
A short piano piece describing the emotions surrounding the sense of despair at knowing that the kiss you are sharing with your love is to be the last kiss you will share. You should be able to taste warm tears against your lips as you listen.
Trialing new equalizer settings based on Decca recordings on this recording.

Above link: Mp3 file, 2:47min, 2.6Mb

Adrift, 3.32 mins long imperfect run through
It is a piece about being cut adrift in the world in some way perhaps by a love, and then finding yourself completely free and discovering this to be uplifting yet with some hints of retrospection regarding the loss required to find this new state of being.
It has edit sounds, but still feels like a good documentation for further work.

Above link: Mp3 file, 3:32min, 3.2Mb

Withou You, very short piano expression.
A minute that describes something of the loss one might feel, and a sense of the thoughts surrounding the idea of the all-too-difficult long moments to come, having lost a love.

Above link: Mp3 file, 1:12min, 1.1Mb

Life Opus 1, piano, pre-production, 200912
My first attempt at classical free fonts composing for piano. Therefore, simple enough for budding pianists to learn, yet I hope interesting enough for anyone interested in classical piano music. Thank you, and hope you enjoy listening.

Above link: Mp3 file, 26:21min, 26.8Mb

This site is primarily an outlet for selected creative works by Ben Kross.

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