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A Mother and Her Man
The whole lot just bustled by
looking at faces, looking away
nobody pausing a moment
for meeting with her clement eye

The eyes of a soul so spry
looking for places, for sanctuary
from the cold, pausing moment's span
at odds with a world, too rocked to cry

"This boy is mine" she said proud
as any mother - "look at him now
in the hold of the government, cowed
and at odds in a mad world soughed"

But were the world to love him
would but that the world did care
could not then a mother's heart weep less
the kinder the weight for her to bear?

With all the world's wreckage sorted
one thing's more certain than her bravest smile
a thing ne'er gifted to any outside the clan
the love of a mother for her child.

To your children's health!
I lift a glass and dip my hat
to a warm human who in strength
out guns the sun

To a mother doing all she can
as her eldest, a man becomes.
Copyright © Ben Kross

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