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And So I Will Away To Air
And so, I will away to air
this loss of you, too much to bare,
the fate of me, I do not care,

And, if I should away to sea
that naught be kept in mind of thee
'stead lain at home un-made e'er more
like empty bed set's last abhorrent chore

And, if I 'stead away to plains
then naught of you, to me, remains
'stead you frame someone else's bed
like varnished skulls all hung'd inside his head!

It remains forever passed
towards the last
I loved thee

And, I still know not where to go
do thoughts of you best die in snow?
'stead mountain, desert, lake and forest,
or wouldst jungle kill this malady sorest?

And so, I will away to air
And that all of you, I could not share,
'stead be left to plainer nights and days
oh, pure riant child from whom I run away.

It so pains me now, the past.
At the steppe of Shangri-las vast
I wait and

I loved thee.
Copyright © Ben Kross

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