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And They Drop Away
So much life passes by
in the blink of an eye.
Some fall sad, into grace
while the rest do what's best
as the people we know
go, by the by
as they drop away

If you've fortune enough
to find peace with your lot
or if you're low and lost,
unprepared for the cost,
still, the people you know
go, by the by, roiled,
and they drop away

It's poetic and cruel.
It makes gods out of fools.
Or perhaps it's just fun
if you plainly outrun
the people you know, as they
go, by the by, remiss,
as they all drop away

I wonder what they think
of me when I go by.
Sometimes I think they care.
Mostly, I think they care not
for the people they know
going by the by, vexedly,
as they drop away

And it has come to this;
this awful place in mind
where I feel unable
to care again, ever,
for those people I knew
who went by the by, irrelevant,
having simply dropped away.
Copyright © Ben Kross

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