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At present, all items appearing on this site are the copyright © of the respective author(s) of each work, as marked on the pages where a work appears.

Copyright of site items, look and feel etc - wherever applicable is copyright © Artsialuna.

At any time in future, this may change to other forms of copyright - for example, "copy-left" or "creative-commons" etc. For now, please consider the works on this site as free to view, but not to profit from without consent from an author's work. Any change in copyright policy will be announced on this page.

If you would like to use, commercially or outside 'fair usage' bounds, any of the works please contact us for permission. It may be possible to be allowed such usage at either a reasonable rate, or given freely by the author of a work.

This site is online in order to publish original material - a portfolio. Authors and artists are encouraged to enquire about adding their work to the Artsialuna portfolio. It is however, understandable and expected that this would not be a particularly attractive offer until traffic to Artsia Luna is at a certain level.

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