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Credere Imperăre Credentăre Esvuidier
(To believe that supreme power unattested is yet avoidable)

This Sun that dare unmantle eve'
pays nothing but fates to purse the stars
behind its blinding rage diurnal
kept in motion by a semblance of its caste
hap eternity sent into its place about the sky
to rule the zenith of ostentatious day
and at the worth of night asseverate
dominion over all 'neath and rougher cast

This Sun that dare unadorn the sky
of distant molten aether's lambent coals
its empyreal dread embers blent
corporeal fibres into all tempestuous gods
hap eternity designed to rule us from above
past day's domain and even' shod remain fast
and chivvy down sublunary rights
dominion over all 'neath and all at odds

This Sun that dare upbraid the moon
pays levy apportioned by eclipse
spinning ever slow'r and undermin'd
by recompense unfettered rightfully entreated
hap eternity devised this forbearing ratio
beyond mutability of condition
and providence ill installed at night
dominion over all 'neath and belated.

When day and night rejoin in time
by fateful ire empyreal imposed
Will any mere souls remain unscathed
giv'n sanctum by a semblance of their caste?
hap eternity allowed fluke machination yet
to redeem us from such annihilative cup
or seraphic host to bring us yet
dominion over all above to outlast?
Copyright © Ben Kross

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