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Last Ones Out
some kind of prime
it's in the hole
it's in the bag
it's in the sack
last ones back

But I mean it
when I say my thing
I love the little pieces
and love you
railroad jin

last ones out
last ones back
time to unwind
got my feet up
off the track

and the colour of the sky
and the colour of the sky!
it's in the black
we're in the blue
no turning back
no use to you
just turn a corner
cross my fence
jump over Dover
caught you sleeping on a
four leaf clover

One more time
and here's the thing
gotta admit
every day it's
wearing thin

there's a liar in the cabin
and it's all ablaze
did you notice?
railroad jin
we're coming in

so hang tight man while we
find the right price
got the muscles
got the smarts
and a sprig of edelweiss

Last ones out
it's in the hole
it's in the sack
when last one's back
we're all at home.
Copyright © Ben Kross

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