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Love’s Waves, Unvoic'd
Love’s desirous waves
To smash across moot rocks,
My soul descends this sea
What brooding clouds?
No portent told!
No harbinger for me?

Though tempests cause
Vast iceberg thaws
Love's waves, unvoic'd at sea
In who's plain sight they call
By day and dead of night?
Thee, Thee! Elusive abandonee

Love’s squandered waves
To smash o'er usurious rocks
My soul descends yet, this sea
To barely mend then death expends
Enrapture's disregard
And evermore…

If Love's tsunami heedless, strips
Ambrosial haven shores
Of all the pure, connate rewards
So be it, I submit;
While winds may blow and ice must melt
And waves but break at sea
No mortal thing nor time to tell,
Could shipwreck Love to me.
Copyright © Ben Kross

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