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Music and Sonics

These are some song sketches and beds, unfinished generally - like almost all my free personal stuff - and from the 80's to now. I like most of these if not only for the fact that they were recorded as they were written. There's nothing too smooth or slick in this list.

If you're after something commercial please click to google for "Margot Smith" or visit her myspace page by going to ( and will currently re-direct to her MySpace page). Also, Sue C. has been keeping the unofficial Margot site since last century. Margot's two accolade laden CD's (one was nominated for an Aria award in Australia in the 90's) represent my only officially recorded/published/sold musical works - nearly impossible to purchase now.

An interesting live band I occasionally played in (1983-93-ish), Toxic Garden Gnomes was a live act that has had various lineups and some seriously talented people at the core. You can listen to some tracks the others recorded in the '90s' by following the link above.


Written Word || Visual Arts || Music and Sonics || Home || All Else

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