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Rarefied Day
Lay long..
in languid repose
for soft decorative hours
composed for thee

Lay long and still..
in sensuous embrace
My heart hears only songs
composed by thee

Lay long and still more..
in fleshly content
though calleth fast the day
imposed on thee

Lay long and still more ever..
in ataraxia paid
our twining souls' moire
encompass thee

Lay in beingness with me, my valentine be..
for life's colourful marquee
so much adorned in loving grace
wouldst be but chaste and modest tent
if not for thee

And in nearness of your breath divine
such phantasy pleases mine
to acquit the guy ropes
into thin air to begin our rubicund ascent
upon all of this blessed air
till time's end reserved..
ever more still - and long may we lay
in propinquity this rarefied day.
Copyright © Ben Kross

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