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The Last Mile
We were fleet of foot
When we were young
In our insouciant days of heaven

We cared not that we were barefoot
We walked thereamong
Our beatific hills of heaven

What sweet displays
We came upon
The days we spent therein heaven

With our roguish dogs
Weaving thereamong
Their playmates made in heaven

When returning home
We took along
A pathway back to heaven

We could always go
Where else? Too far-flung!
Itís never far to heaven

While I think back
Wherefrom we sprung
And left our little heavenís path

Was it a dream? I wonder,
Why did we combine?
And mingle awhile in heaven?

Was it fortune or cruel fate
Which caused us to speculate
And veer from the pathway to our heaven?

Where did it end?
Who closed the port?
It was I, who sinned before heaven.

With a shudder I recall
Wild supernova
And I fall again in my heart, from heaven

What once was so sublime
Will never again be mine
Ďtis now but sheer darkness as my path

Oh, what I would give now!
Without hesitation
To walk just one last mile in heaven

Walk still I may
Walk a mile each timorous day
To find no more those gates gilt by heaven

Wilder and wider I stray
Walking sorely yet faster
My heart pounding its last regrets after

Oh Angel, will you walk with me,
When we should walk no more,
When the last mile here is trodden,
Beyond Arcanumís door?
Copyright © Ben Kross

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