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The Next Day
Ah yes, a crack in the sky
revealing dull ember light
pale red, the delight
that washes in the day

Ah yes, yes, Blue grey of the dawn
the sleepy tinder melting
steel grey, the forlorn
that wishes it away

Ah yes, yes, yes on tropical dawn
in minutes, on beach and lawn
bright green, the scrap fight
that washes it contrite

And again tonight under black
the hours, tiny starry specks
a memory conserves
what wishes us
the next day
upon this

Observed in Ancient's return
a book, to seal heart's faith
memory wastes, and oh
what wishes "IT" just
on this fine day
upon our

A fuller curve?
Curve of what?
Awake 'fore
you rot.
Copyright © Ben Kross

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