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God I hate Thursdays. No I don't.

Sometimes, you don't say what you think. Sometimes you think what you don't say, and then think not to say what you think, and instead say what you think of to say, in order to say it to replace that thought you had, that you were going to say, before deciding to replace it with the false thought you have lined up to go in it's place.

But sometimes, it's more complicated than that.

Think, for example, of an example where you think that you thought to say the thing you were thinking, but instead you thought to say the thing you were thinking to replace with that thought, but you suddenly get to the kitchen and forget why you went there, and this thought takes over your thinking for long enough to do things to your train of thought and your thinking is thoroughly trashed; you then scratch your head and you go back to bed and the whole thing is recounted and rehashed, even if just in your head, or with piles of paper on the bed, you'll think you'll never remember the think you forgot, or indeed the thing you wanted in the kitchen, thanks to the miracle of trifurcation, and it's effect on our thought, it's all about patterns of three.. Sometimes you remember thing one, two and/or three, sometimes all, and sometimes nothing at all - in which case you're somewhat like me.
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