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Too Close the Moon
Come sing to me of good things, Come sing and dance tonight
Drink and laugh and lie with me, Beneath the Moon so bright

Before the moon is waning, We'll make our joys renowned
Through all the hills and mountains 'round, Our youthful roars compound

In every place young lovers hear us, Wailing at the night
They’ll yearn to turn and meet us, And fold with us in flight

Too close the Moon my dear friends, With hearts and minds afire
When the waning time has started, We must heed the Moon's desire

For each careless crater on the Moon's fair face, Is a soul who flew too high
Instead of turning back to Earth, When the waning time was nigh

Once lived, a torrent of life in flight, Serves but to drown the sun
And our loves, indebted to the Moon, In the waning, come undone

But give us each just one more moon, To sing, before the sun
Just once more o'er heaven, To fly and overrun!

Though another season passes, The cycles still remain
And every time the moon cries out, Some answer, some refrain

From age springs wisdom, yet still I mourn, Youth's madness overcome
And bereft of joy, new torments dawn, Eclipse has now begun

So speak to me of ailing things, Astir not to dance my dear
But stave a tear and lie to me, Beneath the Moon so drear
Copyright © Ben Kross

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